JUJU Hat Feather & Cowrie Shell Decor Ivory

JUJU Hat Feather & Cowrie Shell Decor Ivory

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JUJU Hat  Feather with Cowrie Shell

Wall Decor 

Product Description

Love Feather ? Check out this beautiful feather decoration. This natural round decoration features a stunning arrangement of black Feather , with a center made of coffee bean sea shells. A perfect accessory for the living and lounge room. Bold. Natural. Unique.

Product Features

Style: Islander; Tribal
Color: Ivory
Shape: Round
Material: Feather & Sea Shell
Diameter: Large 60cm Diameter / 24 Inches

Medium 50cm Diameter; / 20 Inches

Small 40cm Diameter / 16 inches

Weight:  5 lbs

All our home décor items are handmade, so no two are exactly the same. Please expect some variations

Handmade in Indonesia

Available in Small Medium and Large