Linen Resort Dress V Neck in Marshmallow colors

Linen Resort Dress V Neck in Marshmallow colors

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Linen Resort Dress V Neck in Pastel Marshmallow Colors

Sometimes you want to return to your carefree childhood, if only to remember the real taste of cotton candy or airy marshmallows. Remember your vast childhood dreams, or your carefree adventures?

Say, it's easy with dreams: you can carry them with you through the years, but with childhood it's more difficult ... But we know how to return the feeling of this better period of life. Plus, in addition, with a sense of lightness and inspiration. To do this, you just need to put on the “Marshmallow” dress.

Playful through the color, yet very discreet.

Made from fine linen, perfect for a warm summer day.
A long dress along with a V-neck will successfully emphasize your height and silhouette.
A voluminous, airy sleeve adds perfection and grace to the dress.
100% Linen
Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
The Model is wearing a Small
Made to order, please allow 4 weeks for production